If you have anything in common with millions of Americans, your home and office collect clutter throughout the year. The clutter we think of first is often frivolous purchases, unused gift items, and outgrown clothes, but perhaps the most compromising clutter in your home is paper. Old invoices, bank statements, credit applications, and copies of vital records often contain confidential information that could be used to harm you if it ever landed in the hands of a thief or a criminal.

Incorporating schedule retention and document purging and destruction into your end-of-year or spring-cleaning routine can help you protect your identity and prevent thieves from opening lines of credit, accruing income taxes, or making costly purchases under your name. Partnering with local Heart of Texas Shred makes the process quick, easy, and almost effortless.

Mobile Document Destruction

One of the primary reasons clients cite for carelessly discarding old mail and documents is the inconvenience involved in document destruction. Paper is incredibly heavy when you fill a single trash can or file box, and hauling it to a shredder during business hours makes the task even more daunting. It’s no wonder consumers retain documents long after they need to or simply discard them in the mail, leaving themselves vulnerable to identity theft and other negative outcomes.

Heart of Texas Shred recognizes the stigma associated with safe and secure document destruction and offers mobile shredding services to alleviate the burden on you and eliminate the barriers to complete security. Mobile document destruction means a mobile shred truck comes to your home or office, takes your documents off of your hands, and shreds them on-site before pulling away from the curb so you can rest assured your documents will never land in the wrong hands (and enjoy a clutter-free home or office!).

Creating a Shredding Schedule

To make safe and secure document destruction even more convenient for consumers, many vendors offer scheduled services, in which clients simply share their preferences and a mobile truck arrives on schedule to handle any documents that have accumulated since the last time service was provided. This prevents documents from collecting around your home or office, protects our forests by reducing the time it takes your document to reach recycling, and reducing the risk of identity theft.

For organizations, onsite or offsite shredding services might be required twice a week, weekly, or monthly, while individuals and small businesses may only require quarterly or biannual scheduled services. Many clients start with a conservative guess and then adjust their schedule as they go.

Contact Heart of Texas Shred

Now that you know the risks associated with the retention of unnecessary documents and the convenience offered by onsite shredding and scheduled services, nothing is holding you back from protecting yourself and your family from the harm of identity thieves. Next time you declutter your home or office, partner with Heart of Texas Shred to dispose of your documents safely, securely, and permanently without lifting heavy boxes or hauling your paper waste across town – and don’t forget to ask us for help disposing of old electronics, like computers and phones.

Because we know life is busy, you can request a quote without leaving the comfort of your phone or desk by visiting us online. If you prefer to talk to somebody in person, we’re standing by at 254-826-2069.


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