Secure shredding has become a hot topic for business owners today. The internet has opened the doors to buyers all over the world, and they're desperate to get their hands on information. Regardless of whether that information comes from physical or virtual documents, criminals and opportunists of every variety are exploiting data in ever more creative ways. It's why the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) has redefined the rules of security, leading companies to reconsider their data protection policies for fear of getting into legal trouble. Better document destruction isn't just a good way to protect your reputation, it can also be the key to sustaining your livelihood. One hack can bankrupt a small company and cause years of aftermath for its owners. 

Secure Shredding with Heart of Texas

Heart of Texas is a professional mobile shredding company that has managed to help businesses of every size. We aren't in business because our clients can't afford a paper shredder of their own. Rather, we're in business because we specialize in getting rid of documents as securely as possible. We provide a paper trail that confirms how your documents were handled from start to finish. A regular paper shredder will cut your documents into strips that can be reconstructed by the right person. And while it would be time-consuming for a criminal to do this, consider the rewards waiting on the other side for them. By stealing just one customer's identity, they may be able to run up charges in the tens of thousands before they're caught. It's certainly lucrative enough that Heart of Texas wanted to take shredding a step further. 

Mobile and Drop-off Shredding Available

Identity theft protection can come in the form of insurance, or it can come in the form of mobile and drop-off shredding services. Most businesses generate countless documents per day, all of which likely contain some degree of sensitive information. Even if it's just a name and address, this information can be the beginning of unraveling a larger puzzle for a criminal. There's no shredding job too small for Heart of Texas because each one is a step toward protection for a business. We're happy to come to you, or you're welcome to drop your documents off. The truth is that there are plenty of business owners who see shredding services as an unnecessary expense. But the minute they're confronted with a FACTA violation or a data leak, they'll quickly wonder why they didn't do more to stop it from happening. 

Contact Heart Of Texas Shred 

If you're ready to take more proactive steps to keep your business safe, it's time to contact Heart of Texas for a quote. Just having a paper shredder isn't enough to comply with the laws, and may even cause officials to look further into your business' practices. Heart of Texas is here to handle a complex array of needs from our clients. Whether you need us to come to you every week or you want to drop off your documents once a year, we're here to take care of everything. If you have questions throughout the process, we're all about total transparency from beginning to end. Document destruction is a convenient way to protect yourself and your customers. 



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