Whether you are a business or an individual, you have tax documents in your files. Tax documents are a gold mine for identity thieves — they are loaded with personal information, including your social security number. Identity thieves are on the lookout during tax season, as those who leave tax documents around make identity theft much easier. You can minimize data theft by keeping confidential documents locked up and, when it’s time to dispose of them, by shredding them with Heart of Texas Shred.

How Secure is Shredding?

When you use our shredding services, you can rest assured that your documents remain secure through the entire process. We use top-of-the-line cross-cut shredders for document destruction. The shredders cut the paper into tiny pieces, which are then mixed with other people’s and business’s documents. The documents are then baled and sent to a recycler, who is also held to the same high standards we are held to.

If you, as a business, use our shredding services, we provide locked shred boxes. When you discard files, they go into the shred boxes. You won’t have them taking up space in your filing cabinet, and you won’t have to go hunting them down the day before we arrive. Leaving them out when you hunt them down significantly increases the risk of having confidential information stolen.

We arrive at your business at a previously scheduled time, we bring the locked boxes out to our shredding truck. A machine dumps the contents of the boxes into the shredder. We never touch any of the documents. Once the documents are shredded, you will get a certificate of destruction.

What Gets Stolen from Tax Documents?

Stolen tax returns have all the information an identity thief needs to file a tax return in your name. That means that they file a false return and keep the money the IRS believes it is sending to you as a refund. When you go to file your tax return, you won’t be able to file it if someone else has already filed using your information. Part of identity theft prevention is making sure your tax returns and other tax documents stay locked up. Once you no longer need to keep the documents, you should shred them.

Tax returns and other tax documents have many pieces of information an identity thief would be glad to have, including:

  • Your name;
  • Your address;
  • Your phone number;
  • Your social security number;
  • Your income;
  • Dependents and their personal information, including social security numbers; and
  • Your occupation.

Signs that your identity might have been stolen include getting an error message for a duplicate social security number, getting a letter from the IRS stating that a return you filed is suspicious, you receive a tax transcript that you did not ask for, or you get notices that state your account has been accessed or disabled, or that a new account was created when you did not create, access or disable your account.

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To significantly reduce the risk of having your identity stolen, always shred your tax documents when you no longer have to save them. Contact Heart of Texas Shred for a quote, whether you are a business or individual with a few documents or boxes of documents.







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